Baby Jet!

Oak Grove's Heartthrob gives you a genetic potential as rarely been seen.

Hearthrob is a direct son of Heartbreaker. After Scuderia 1918 Halifax Stephex Stallions puts another bet on the much-sought blood and quality infusion.
Mother Annatou Z is a product of Leon Melchior's proven Ramiro Z x Almé Z-combination, here via Artos Z and Ramiro Z.

Grandmother Rinnetou Z was a multiple World Cup winner under Piet Raijmakers. Rinnetou Z was a sister of Zalza who developed an international career with Nick Skelton.
Rinnetou Z has a whole series of top offsprings. Best-known is without a doubt All Star, winner of team gold with Denis Lynch at the European Championships in Götenborg. They also won the 5* Grand Prix of Barcelona and the Nations Cup of Sankt Gallen. Another grandson in Fairness Hero, named after his legendary ancestor Fairness III Z! Fairness Hero jumps at 1.50m Grand Prix level with Guillaume Foutrier.
    Studbook: Hannover
    Birth: 2016
    Color: Chestnut
    Height: 163 cm
    Breeder: Gestüt Eichenhain GmbH
    Approbation: BWP, HANN
    Studfees: €650 /dosis or €350/straws
    Availability: Fresh, Frozen
    WFFS: No Carrier


Almé Z
Artos Z
Glorita Z
Annatou Z
Ramiro Z
Rinnetou Z
Wencke Z


- Frame the Power

Oak Grove's Heartthrob

- Model

Oak Grove's Heartthrob

- BWP Auction

Oak Grove's Heartthrob

- Model


- Performance in Motion

Oak Grove's Heartthrob

- BWP Top Stallion Auction 2019

Oak Grove's Heartthrob

- Horseman Elite Auction 2018

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